Tour of Milton Keynes 2016


Pos.Finish time Participant
5151:19Kat Wells
5251:22David Findel-Hawkins
5352:04Maria Calleia
5452:05Rudi Chaplin
5552:15Alan Roberts
5652:20Victoria Kirschner-Heavens
5753:25Ian Davey
5853:42Jessica Anstee
5954:26Sarah Lawrence
6054:33Thomas Ardron
6154:42David Cullum
6254:55Alastair Cameron
6355:04Keith Cook
6455:55Peter Tye
6556:12Martin Horne
6656:41Debra Brent
6756:49Helen Whalley
6857:37Carissa Wells
6958:15Martin Wilson
7058:26Chris Jeanes
7158:33Tina Mcgreal
7259:25Lilli Stickley
7359:46Jane Wells
741:00:24Pet Hedges
751:00:36Ian Stevens
761:00:53Robert Anderson
771:02:43Karen Bugaj
781:02:44Andy Harrison
791:02:55Natalie Oram-Jones
801:03:13Viv Murphy
811:03:26Lucy Fitzgerald
821:03:41Tara Needham
831:04:16Michael Hockney
841:04:35Nicole Boddington
851:04:53Kaytee Bird
861:05:17Angela Mulligan
871:07:20Liz Miller
881:08:43Jim Morrison
891:21:36Susan O'connell
901:24:40Jane Thorpe
DNF1:18:52Sasha Oram Jones
DNF-Sam Miller

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