Tour of Milton Keynes 2016


Pos.Finish time Participant Club
5117:56Maria CalleiaMarshall Milton Keynes AC
5217:59Alan RobertsVale of Aylesbury AC
5318:04Siobhan Dyer
5418:18Thomas ArdronMarshall Milton Keynes AC
5518:46Juile JonesMarshall Milton Keynes AC
5618:47Matt Chappell
5718:47Carissa Wells
5818:58Chris MahonMarshall Milton Keynes AC
5918:59Victoria Kirschner-HeavensMarshall Milton Keynes AC
6019:13Sarah LawrenceRedway Runners
6119:15Martin Wilson
6219:22Keith CookMarshall Milton Keynes AC
6319:25Peter TyeMarshall Milton Keynes AC
6420:09Andy HarrisonRedway Runners
6520:20Viv MurphyRedway Runners
6620:23Michael Hockney
6720:24Richard Neale
6820:26Robert AndersonMK Lakeside Runners
6920:38Sasha Oram JonesResultsbase ltd
7020:47Lilli Stickley
7120:59Malcolm KidbyMarshal Milton Keynes
7221:08Natalie Oram-JonesResultsbase ltd
7321:18Helen WhalleyRedway Runners
7421:24David CullumMarshall Milton Keynes AC
7521:32Ian StevensRedway Runners
7621:50Tina McgrealRedway Runners
7721:56Vanessa StrideMarshall Milton Keynes AC
7822:17Sam Oram
7923:05Jane Wells
8023:14Jim MorrisonMarshall Milton Keynes AC
8123:21Lucy FitzgeraldRedway Runners
8223:48Kaytee Bird
8323:52Nicole BoddingtonMarshall Milton Keynes AC
8424:35Karen BugajMarshall Milton Keynes AC
8524:48Liz MillerLeighton Buzzard AC
8624:56Tara NeedhamRedway Runners
8725:49Heather CharlesResultsbase ltd
8825:56Alistair CharlesResultsbase ltd
8925:59Dj Darren CroxhhhallResultsbase ltd
9027:58Ian DaveyRedway Runners
9128:59Jane Thorpe
9231:07Susan O'connellRedway Runners

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