Pos.Finish time Participant
DNS-Alex Kearns
DNS-Aaron Knight
DNS-David Llewelyn
DNS-Gary Locker
DNS-Timothy Longland
DNS-Andy Mallin
DNS-David Manning
DNS-Sam Mccrindle
DNS-Connor Mcleod
DNS-David Mcmahon
DNS-Andrew Medlock
DNS-Callum Millar
DNS-Ian Mitchell
DNS-Matthew Moore
DNS-John Nash
DNS-James O'neill
DNS-William Pentony
DNS-William Pointet
DNS-Mike Ponsford
DNS-Andrew Quail
DNS-Paul Reynolds
DNS-Adam Routledge
DNS-Danny Routledge
DNS-Chris Salisbury
DNS-Matthew Saward
DNS-Matt Schmidt
DNS-Joseph Seaman
DNS-James Shannon
DNS-Andy Smithers
DNS-Geoff Sumner
DNS-Matthew Taylor
DNS-Ian Thompson
DNS-Dombey Wallage
DNS-Daniel Watkins
DNS-Chris Wetherell
DNS-James Wetherell
DNS-Jon Davis
DNS-James Jenkins
DNS-Robert Keen
DNS-Steve Rees
DNS-Gary Timms
DNS-David Cook
DNS-Nick Bailey
DNS-Adrian Ward
DNS-Thomas Dempster
DNS-David Parker
DNS-Thomas Wilson
DNS-John Gaade
DNS-Neil Borley
DNS-Daryl Fairbrother

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