Pos.Finish time Participant
1011:41:54Emma Partridge
1021:42:01Ryan Butt
1031:42:11Julian Roberts
1041:42:17Mark Holman
1051:42:26Jon Plater
1061:42:28Charlie Boher
1071:42:42Laura Allen
1081:42:48Richard Spandley
1091:43:00Mohamed Chagri
1101:43:00Keith Simpson
1111:43:09Simon Bodsworth
1121:43:09Andrew Wingham
1131:43:22David Goddard
1141:43:26Charlie Bendon
1151:43:31Mark Witte
1161:43:32Julia Maddocks
1171:43:36Duncan Stephenson-Gill
1181:43:37John Miles
1191:43:41Keith Hardwell
1201:43:59Kasia Dickson
1211:44:05Martin Wood
1221:44:11David Swan
1231:44:12Peter Cairns
1241:44:13Edward Lay
1251:44:16Tom Gray
1261:44:18Hanney David
1271:44:19Joe Davis
1281:44:25Ed Christian
1291:44:45Alex Messenger
1301:44:47Richard Stefanski
1311:45:00Paul Mattocks
1321:45:23Anne Kari Enes
1331:45:29Mark Hines
1341:45:41Vince Freeman
1351:45:43Ian Bayley
1361:45:47Justin Walsh
1371:46:01Graham King
1381:46:06Adrian Murphy
1391:46:09Mark Goldfinch
1401:46:11Andrew Mair
1411:46:13Joshua Case
1421:46:13Bob Empson
1431:46:18Lester Milner
1441:46:22Jenny Philips
1451:46:25Barry Hughes
1461:46:32Joeseph Smee
1471:46:36Paul Murphy
1481:46:51John Crossman
1491:46:54Keith Evans
1501:46:56Ruby Parsons

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