Pos.Participant Finish time
51Craig Ward10:20:22
52Alastair Horabin10:24:10
53Jon Warren10:24:19
54Icarus 10:25:45
55Keith Chant10:26:14
56Peter Sparrow10:31:43
57Seamus Kelleher10:32:00
58Will Wright10:32:18
59Chris Mason10:32:31
60James Godfrey10:32:43
61Andy Lewis10:33:03
62Simon Moore10:34:26
63Sam Littlewood10:35:27
64Chris Slater10:35:56
65Outlawrians 10:36:27
66Nick Summers10:36:51
67Jonathan Neve10:37:13
68Nick Wenban-Smith10:39:03
69Anthony Waddington10:39:03
70Adrian Messingham10:40:34
71Shane Allen10:40:38
72Colin Clayton10:40:50
73Simon Whitby10:41:07
74Dan Stendall10:41:13
75Old guys rule 10:42:16
76Shane Rice10:42:36
77Oscar Caballero10:42:53
78Wee Three Ladies 10:43:49
79Stephen Maddock10:44:14
80John Wattam10:45:15
81Paul Young10:46:24
82David Clamp10:46:53
83Nick Payne10:47:19
84David Micklewright10:47:34
85Conrad Lawson10:49:02
86Alain Torri10:49:18
87Jonathan Taylor10:49:39
88Matthew Senior10:49:59
89Ron Mahoney10:50:23
90Dean Eason10:50:36
91Jon Dixon10:50:45
92John Bateson10:50:45
93Mark Ramsey10:51:04
94Sandy Smith10:51:36
95Gareth Hughes10:52:19
96KGF Flyers 10:53:00
97KGF Heroes 10:53:27
98Rob Selby10:53:40
99Boys Challenge 10:53:46
100Stephen Mott10:54:13

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