Pos.Participant Finish time
101James Doran10:54:58
102Richard Clarke10:55:06
103Owen Harris10:55:29
104Andrew Gale10:55:38
105Mark Vogler10:55:51
106Tri - Angels 10:55:54
107Bernie Kipping10:55:55
108Team Change 1 10:57:04
109Andy Kinsley10:57:24
110Nicholas Davies10:57:38
111Calum Adderley10:57:54
112Richie Halliday10:57:57
113Nick Cooper10:58:02
114James Sampson10:58:09
115Andrew Keetley10:58:26
116Helen Jones10:58:35
117Andy Cornthwaite10:58:43
118Alex Moorhouse10:58:47
119Graham Grewcock10:59:08
120Martin Wheeldon10:59:33
121The Merry Men 10:59:37
122Derby Tri Club 10:59:47
123John Mitchell11:02:01
124Rob Sparks11:02:14
125S&m 11:02:32
126Tom Curtis11:03:00
127Steven Thackray11:03:20
128Julian Brewer11:03:31
129Mark Hadland11:03:39
130Daniel Perry11:04:25
131Mark Williams11:04:29
132Darren Denning11:04:37
133Andrew Thorndyke11:04:41
134Neil Smith11:04:52
135Will Hardy11:05:05
136Ross Taylor11:05:16
137Lee Evans11:05:37
138Perfect Motion 11:05:54
139James England11:06:09
140Bill Craddock11:06:35
141Andre Jarvis11:06:43
142Matt Longbottom11:07:28
143Anthony Gerundini11:07:48
144WholeHealth Farm 11:07:58
145Team Hough 11:08:12
146Bob Novis11:08:20
147Chris Trinder11:08:20
148Ian Barnes11:08:51
149Simon Burrell11:09:38
150Howard Murray11:09:43

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