Pos.Finish time Participant Team
1011:37:21Robert LawrenceTeam Sex Panther
1021:37:21Paul RyanTeam Sex Panther
1031:37:27Dylan JosephChurcher's College
1041:37:32Matthew WoodrowArmy Boot Camp Fitness
1051:37:37Dave Mcallen
1061:37:37Daniel JohnsonHerts Hellrunners
1071:37:39Darren Maple
1081:37:52Richard BridgewaterArmy Boot Camp Fitness
1091:37:53Patrick Watt
1101:38:00Richard Haycox
1111:38:01Jack Everson
1121:38:26Jamie Turner
1131:38:27Nathan Taylor
1141:38:46Becky Neal
1151:38:49Justin Mackerness
1161:38:50Anton Mackerness
1171:38:58Jamie Palmer
1181:38:58Oliver SandersChurcher's College
1191:39:24Andrew KingstonThe Secret Brutaleers
1201:39:30Jack Hopper
1211:39:32Anna McnestryArmy Boot Camp Fitness
1221:39:39Robert Hall
1231:39:42Anthony Gallagher
1241:39:43Jamie Langlands
1251:39:44Tim O'Neill
1261:39:46Mark Potter
1271:39:46Alex Morgan
1281:39:54Stephen O'Rourke
1291:40:12Rob MaynardSuper Spurs
1301:40:18Henry SalmonMacks Fitness
1311:40:21Jonathan Nancarrow
1321:40:21Bob Pentland
1331:40:32Scott MuirWild Payment Monkeys
1341:40:33Jackie Sharpe
1351:40:34Jonathon Pannell
1361:40:36Wills Fuller
1371:40:36Arron Chapman
1381:40:40Chris Dann
1391:41:04Max Coney
1401:41:04James Wardle
1411:41:06Tom CliffordWhite Sharks
1421:41:06Gareth Turner
1431:41:21Cat St Clair
1441:41:22Sam Brown
1451:41:24Chris AshtonHogsback Harriers
1461:41:24David PayHogsback Harriers
1471:41:25Andrew Mcmillan
1481:41:41Will Birch-TomlinsonChurcher's College
1491:41:44Stephen GoodierWight Tri
1501:41:51Simon Mcfarlane

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