Keswick Mountain Festival 2017


Pos.Participant Finish time
51Antoine Berthoud2:34:21
52John Chatwin2:34:29
53Penny Browell2:34:48
54Celia Deblasi2:35:15
55Iona Sherwood2:35:21
56John Querstret2:35:37
57Darren Allan2:36:15
58Ed Fancourt2:36:57
59Matt Searson2:37:23
60Mike Winter2:37:52
61Thomas Smith2:38:02
62Jen Whiteman2:38:07
63Nicholas Robertson2:38:20
64Philip Suttie2:38:22
65Matthew Eastall2:38:37
66Jim Clark2:38:57
67Emlyn Roberts2:38:57
68Kevin Tucker2:39:26
69Sean Hayes2:39:54
70Mel Ives2:40:26
71Frank Atherton2:40:30
72Simon Pope2:40:49
73Mauro Rotondi2:40:56
74Paul Hodges2:41:16
75Gary Litherland2:41:23
76Daniel Jenkins2:41:27
77Andrew Keary2:41:35
78Garon Heslop2:41:39
79Katie Arnold2:41:44
80Mark Elsdon2:42:14
81Martin Hardey2:42:36
82Rhiannon Perryment2:43:31
83Charlotte Jenkinson2:43:42
84John Macewan2:43:59
85Chris Deadman2:44:17
86Jane Ashbrook2:44:19
87Marion Shoote2:44:53
88Andrew Whyte2:45:04
89Matt Page2:45:31
90Matthew Kefford2:45:35
91Terry Moss2:45:42
92Fredd Raistrick2:45:54
93Malcolm Mcmillan2:46:08
94Andrew Plummer2:46:13
95David Gaskell2:46:17
96Adam Ryder2:46:21
97Chris Sorsby2:46:48
98Jonathan Pedley2:46:57
99Helen Thurston2:47:07
100Jason Martin Green2:47:24

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