Arundel Triathlon 2016


Pos.Participant Finish time
1Rob Sherwood1:59:32
2Colin Dixon2:00:34
3Robert Fryer2:03:50
4Matthew Brown2:05:17
5Kris Nicholson2:08:03
6Mik Onions2:09:08
7Rory Bryan2:09:17
8Thomas Payne2:09:51
9Team The Tri Hards2:10:02
10Gunter Eifler2:13:34
11Joshua Crowther2:14:26
12Simon Taylor2:14:32
13Tom Frith2:14:58
14John Bateson2:15:45
15Malcolm Hughes2:17:19
16Brian Sullivan-Weston2:17:23
17Gavin Sewell2:17:29
18Ashley Russell2:17:38
19Andrew Charlton2:18:55
20Matt Whittaker2:19:06
21Karina Eustace2:19:10
22Roger Taylor2:20:42
23Jenny Wallace2:21:09
24Andrew Ruffer2:22:35
25Karol Szor2:22:39
26Andrew Carmichael2:23:29
27Paul Farrant2:23:50
28Keith Loudon2:23:50
29Tom Wilson2:24:37
30Kathryn Parkin2:24:47
31Zak Newman2:25:03
32Bob Novis2:25:07
33Nick Pavard2:25:43
34Hugh Murphy2:26:21
35Michael Pedel2:26:41
36Emma Wrightman2:26:53
37Nicky Tume2:27:13
38Michael Byers2:27:48
39Team Broken2:27:50
40Chris Robinson2:28:01
41Christian Powell2:28:08
42Team Northmore Tri2:28:11
43Thomas Wood2:28:31
44Neil Buchan2:28:38
45Duncan Stephenson-Gill2:30:00
46Richard Tai-Chidlow2:30:06
47Tom Atkins2:30:21
48Huw Williams2:30:34
49Micaela Floyd2:30:37
50Josh Guest2:30:54

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