Worthing Triathlon 2016


Pos.Participant Finish time
101Mike Fry2:18:11
102Paul Cooper2:18:12
103John Potter2:18:22
104Ryan Stewart2:18:30
105Richard Johnson2:18:34
106Malcolm Hughes2:18:34
107Sophie Kirk2:18:37
108Ian Smith2:18:46
109Mark Scott2:18:56
110Paul Mannion2:19:28
111Tom Taylor2:19:49
112Lawrence Webb2:19:52
113Scott Williams2:19:53
114Peter Ballinger2:20:02
115Mike Cooper2:20:17
116Tom White2:20:19
117Laura Wakeham2:20:23
118Mark Warren2:20:24
119Chris Goodall2:20:26
120Gary Smith2:20:27
121Bethan Male2:20:37
122Shaun Challis2:20:42
123Kate Mactear2:20:42
124Camilla King2:20:46
125Charmaine Sterling2:20:47
126Peter Lee2:20:59
127Kate Derrick2:21:25
128Stephen Hasler2:21:28
129Ian Scott2:21:29
130Emily Roper2:21:38
131Charles Barclay2:21:42
132Barry Watts2:21:43
133Geoff Curwen2:21:46
134Daniel Mcfeely2:22:00
135Michael Flaherty2:22:01
136Christine Lutsch2:22:30
137Matt Wilson2:22:36
138Rebecca Goodwin2:22:38
139Mark Stafford2:22:41
140Claire Danson2:22:43
141Stephen Hunt2:22:54
142Guy Bibby2:23:01
143Duncan Wade2:23:08
144Kelly Stokes2:23:10
145Sian Hibbs2:23:39
146Stefan Zakorchemney2:23:45
147Emma Fisher2:23:56
148John Mcgrath2:24:07
149Mireille Cook2:24:19
150Victoria Duncan2:24:27

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