209 South Downs Marathon 2017


Pos.Chip time Participant
13:10:49Michael Gregory
23:20:25Matt Cheyney
33:41:04John Mckenna
43:47:39Sam Wilson
53:48:09John Walsgrove
63:48:30Hal Miller
73:49:35Susannah Gill
83:52:01Nick Humphrey-Taylor
93:52:51Amanda Wilmer
103:53:17Christo Oosthuizen
113:54:40Enwezor Nzegwu
123:55:04Liam Hinshelwood
133:55:22Wes Jones
143:57:54George Rounce
153:59:40Karima Harris
164:01:05Andy Sharratt
174:05:11Tom Millns
184:05:48Daniel Tye
194:06:37Corey Blenkarn
204:07:09Rob Hammond
214:09:10Tim Giles
224:09:17Sam Murphy
234:09:25Richard Taylor
244:10:30Sethmford@hotmail.Com Ford
254:11:09Nicholas Genever
264:12:19Darryl Easton
274:12:23Amelia Culshaw
284:13:39Jeremy Young
294:13:45Philip Bussy
304:14:11Bohuslav Sosna
314:14:22Josh Ord-Hume
324:15:15George Martin
334:15:46C Todd
344:15:52Nicholas Robertson
354:16:16Thomas Wicka
364:16:17Daren Stemp
374:16:23Tim Jones
384:16:25Robin Boon
394:16:43Christopher Shipley
404:17:31Charles Barwick
414:19:41Andrew Shaw
424:19:44Geoff Body
434:19:46Oliver Cover
444:20:09Colin Reynolds
454:20:43Jack Fuller
464:21:11Gill Rose
474:21:59Melanie Jewett
484:23:29Runner 756
494:23:46Jonathon Cooke
504:23:49Alasdair Hutt

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