Essex Autumn Leaves 2016


5:50:53Adam Tofts
4:35:18Adrian Watkins
4:40:51Andrew Beaman
4:14:09Andrew Lipscombe
4:03:42Andrew Sinclair
6:03:48Andy Mangan
7:18:54Anne Mills
5:01:47Ashley Unwin
5:46:31Ben Farnell
6:27:43Blair Kester
6:12:31Chris Collett
7:12:45Chris Rome
5:29:59Chris Villiers
4:14:59Christopher Hough
5:17:38Cliff Martin
4:05:10Clive Burbridge
6:18:40Daniel Bagshaw
6:43:02Daniel Harris
5:10:33Darren Hutchinson
6:53:28Dave Harris
6:23:09Dave Sweet
5:32:42Dave Thomas
-David Camilleri
5:32:19David Corbell
5:53:34David Dunk
5:49:14David Francis
5:50:53David Hellings
5:26:49David Honeywell
4:31:27David Limn
4:14:00David O'Carroll
6:52:08David Wales
5:44:43Gavin Raphael
6:09:52Georgina Cleere
7:18:50Gill Carter
5:29:57Giselle Devlin
6:15:12Graham Goddard
4:10:16Grant Lodge
6:06:30Grzegorz Jaworski
5:43:28Ian Charles Short
6:29:17Ian Cooper
5:50:27James Arundel
6:03:08James Dickman
5:32:58James Holmes
-James Jewiss
-Jane Beech
7:06:41Jenny Cowell
6:29:19Jim Richardson
6:23:08Jo Patmore
5:49:19John Hiskett
7:04:13John McCarthy

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