Pos.Finish time Participant Club
3511:02:17Gillian Walker
3521:02:33Alan Formann/a
3531:02:36Neil Robertson
3541:02:43Laura PattersonRebel PT
3551:02:47Stuart Campbell
3561:02:50Amanda OgilvieUnaffiliated
3571:02:50Jaclyn Mcfadzeann/a
3581:03:00Richard Leonard
3591:03:13Clare Strachan
3601:03:20Lisa Young
3611:03:41Lori Murdoch
3621:04:04Phil Stratford
3631:04:23Caroline Tawse
3641:04:43Siobhan Ingram
3651:05:08Karen Mcara
3661:05:18Wendy GilliesBanchory Running Club
3671:05:55Stuart Mitchell
3681:06:00Aimi Bluemann/a
3691:06:05Shona CumminsUnaffiliated
3701:06:08Caroline Ipsen
3711:06:08Sue O'briennone
3721:06:08Penny Thomas
3731:06:30Kelsey Padgettn/a
3741:06:37Leslie MurisonJogscotland Westhill
3751:07:26Mark Brankin
3761:07:54Charles Dawsonjogscotland
3771:08:29Lesley Young
3781:08:50David Meldrum
3791:09:04Linsey Latter
3801:10:14Patricia Harris
3811:10:27Wendy Arthur
3821:10:37Elaine Meldrum
3831:10:39Emma ConstableRebelPT
3841:10:42Kirsten CampbellInsch Trail Running Club
3851:11:26Sean SturleyFit Like Joggers
3861:11:49Arianna SahraieFleet Feet Triathletes
3871:12:03Freda Nicolsonn/a
3881:12:15Snieguole Rimkune
3891:12:36Lily MorrisonBanchory Running Club
3901:14:08Carol WilsonGarioch Road Runners
3911:14:08Mel SteelJog Scotland Kintore
3921:15:42Robin Taylor
3931:16:13Lowri Cameron
3941:21:50Vicky Richardsonn/a
3951:21:50Lisa Greenwelln/a
3961:22:22Linda Sharpn/a
3971:23:20Nicky MacbeathUnaffiliated
--Linda Silcocks

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