Haslemere Bumpy Triathlon 2017


Pos.Participant Finish time
1Joseph Perkins1:00:59
2Charlie Rickett1:03:11
3Lewis Peacock1:05:16
4Lee Gollop1:06:43
5Damian Crawford1:07:30
6Camilla King Milly1:09:35
7Shane Antill1:10:01
8Rachel Clay1:12:12
9Colin Butfield1:13:11
10Richard Jordan1:13:32
11Nigel Grantham1:13:51
12Maddie Heywood1:14:58
13Nick Butcher1:15:49
14Alasdair Johnson1:16:01
15Alister Sansum1:16:25
16Lara Kazakos1:17:22
17Richard Crewe1:17:43
18Rupert Hollom1:17:52
19Jim Eckworth1:18:00
20Steven Townsend1:18:05
21Dylan Joseph1:18:20
22Fraser Deeming1:18:44
23Stuart Brierley1:19:01
24Graeme Oliver1:19:01
25Wayne Frier1:19:09
26Richard Astley1:19:09
27Tony Humberstone1:19:10
28Anthony Harris1:19:18
29Tanya Brady1:19:21
30Gina Blake1:19:35
31William Lewis1:19:47
32Tara Oxley1:19:50
33Russell Shellard1:19:59
34Susie Poole1:20:23
35Rob Moorhouse1:20:45
36Derek Mcknight1:20:59
37Tim Weekes1:21:19
38Michael Twine1:21:23
39Jo Jones1:21:47
40Amy Smith1:22:33
41Abi Williams1:22:41
42Amy Smith1:22:41
43Robert Fox1:22:52
44Peter Field1:23:44
45Tom Hughes1:23:58
46Ben Green1:24:10
47Graham Mcdougall1:24:23
48Andrew Oxley1:24:26
49Matthew Mulinder1:24:32
50Nick Moses1:24:48

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