Angmering Bluebell Run 10km/10mile 2017


Pos.Finish time Participant
1511:01:23Simon Fluendy
1521:01:26Richard Wells
1531:01:33Renee Van Der Most
1541:01:37Amy Dury
1551:01:56Gemma Wells
1561:01:58Maria Molinero
1571:02:07Royston Haines
1581:02:11Christine Ellison
1591:02:14Sarah Walker
1601:02:17Martin Slee
1611:02:23Georgina Thompson
1621:02:25Tammy Evans
1631:02:36Michelle Cannon
1641:02:38Karen Coleman
1651:02:51Clare Mackie
1661:02:58Jennifer Linford
1671:03:04Jane Nockemann
1681:03:07Carly Moorman
1691:03:09Katie Moorman
1701:03:14Louise Campbell
1711:03:16Janet Sanders
1721:03:17David Kimmer
1731:03:19Nem Cowley
1741:03:29Rose Wilmot
1751:03:32Tracey Goult
1761:03:33Kirsty Taylor
1771:03:49Sally Waite
1781:03:51Joanna Turner
1791:03:53Sarah Ennis
1801:04:05Suzannah Lamb
1811:04:09Agnieszka Kaja
1821:04:15Tanya Moravec
1831:04:18Nicky Duncanson
1841:04:21Louise Fuller
1851:04:29Sarah Prothero
1861:04:33Michelle Kyte
1871:04:35Marie Knight
1881:04:40Lucille Weinberger
1891:04:46Sian Ratcliffe
1901:04:48Rachel O'brien
1911:04:50Helen Signy
1921:04:51Beatrice Hackman
1931:04:56Amy Maughan
1941:05:02Bridget Pettitt
1951:05:09Gary Fuller
1961:05:10Amy Weinberger
1971:05:11Andrea Brogan
1981:05:14Gerbrig Harman
1981:05:14Samantha Koulotsos
2001:05:15Melanie Wood

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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