Angmering Bluebell Run 10km/10mile 2017


Pos.Finish time Participant
2011:05:16Jo Howley
2021:05:17Rebecca Smith
2031:05:19Polly Mitchell
2041:05:21Sam Gill
2051:05:22Liam Clarke
2061:05:25Karen Shrimpton
2071:05:30Mark Stimpson
2081:05:32Jeff Partridge
2091:05:46Teresa Swatton
2101:05:47Julia McGrath
2111:05:55Julie Robinson
2121:06:04Caroline Parker
2131:06:05Bryony Griggs
2141:06:14Wendy Harding
2151:06:18David Edmondson
2161:06:21grace Wilmshurst wilmshurst
2171:06:22Sophie Saunders
2181:06:27Clair Mason
2191:06:30Erika Meades
2201:06:48Alli Harding
2211:06:50Shelley Cushway
2221:06:52Lesley Foley
2231:06:56Paul Goad
2241:07:03Jenny Harris
2251:07:04Tim Woollett
2261:07:21David Shaw
2271:07:43Katie Reed
2281:07:46Nichola Jones
2291:07:51Desiree Silver
2291:07:51Louise Whittaker
2311:07:56Chloe van Rensburg
2321:07:58Paulina McGroarty
2331:08:09Ian Robinson
2341:08:10David Anderson
2351:08:12Jenny Ward
2361:08:13Kate Gray
2371:08:15Laura Rixon
2381:08:19Rebecca Langley
2391:08:25Debbie Bell
2401:08:29Sue Chambers
2401:08:29Thomas Chambers
2421:08:42Rachel Brunning
2421:08:42Maynard Floyd
2441:08:45Annette Ablitt
2451:08:47Annabel Anderson
2461:08:53Gordon Skeats
2471:08:56Vanessa Bentley
2481:09:22Katie Raymond
2491:10:05Tracey Bennett
2501:10:11Ashley Brennan

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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