River Arun 3.8k Swim 2017


Pos.Finish time Participant
4011:17:32Catharine Western
4021:17:53Mark Wilson
4031:18:12Sophie Borrett
4041:18:18Julia Steed
4051:18:23Jim Chapman
4061:18:48Tony Baker
4071:19:18Matthew Critchley
4081:20:55Tracy Brownings
4091:21:13Francesca Collin
4101:21:26Andrew Fay
4111:21:29Rebecca Mason
4121:21:38Ian Bayley
4131:22:00Eleanor Rutter
4141:22:44Louise Miller
4151:22:58Steven Parish
4161:23:45Lou Gregory
4171:24:32Peter Douglas
4181:24:35Helen Jones
4191:24:41Judith Omar
4201:24:43Liz Broadley
4211:25:10Attila Kalman
4221:25:13Paul Colinese
4231:25:28Richard Frank
4241:27:00Jane Chadwick
4251:30:31Alice Conti
4261:34:59Sara Canagon

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: info@rawenergypursuits.co.uk