Arundel Triathlon 2017


Pos.Participant Finish time
1James Phillips1:53:04
2Henry Eaton1:53:26
3Hugh Brashaw1:54:02
4Oliver Crossley1:55:01
5Ant Gritton1:55:56
6Iain Robertson1:56:15
7Max Wolke1:57:32
8Colin Dixon1:58:07
9James Long1:59:09
10Jonny Breedon1:59:18
11Hugo Macmillan1:59:26
12Rory Macmillan1:59:29
13Jamie Oakey1:59:36
14Neil Collins2:00:00
15Tom Irons2:00:08
16Mark Furth2:00:12
17Simon Crook2:00:22
18Simon Gill2:00:34
19Tom Saggers2:01:08
20Graeme Acheson2:01:19
21Kris Nicholson2:01:48
22James Ellis2:01:57
23Nick Flower2:02:04
24Oliver Teenan2:02:52
25Ian Barrett2:03:19
26Nathan Chapman2:03:22
27Mark Campion-Smith2:03:23
28Richard Hill2:03:37
29James Buckley2:03:41
30Seamus Sheard2:03:58
31Richard Dando2:04:05
32Pip Moore2:04:24
33James Wootton2:04:27
34Killian Courtney2:04:55
35Chris Dollimore2:05:02
36Neil Giles2:05:11
37Patrick Retallick2:05:18
38Oliver Rodwell2:06:16
39David Risebrow2:06:23
40Simon Taylor2:06:27
41Andrew Barrington2:06:28
42Rob Smyth2:06:32
43Ben Thompson2:06:45
44Justin Walsh2:06:45
45Thomas Mcmanners2:06:45
46Jonathan Hall2:07:02
47Graeme Forrest2:07:04
48Terry Johnson2:07:33
49Sean Flynn2:07:39
50Thomas White2:07:47

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