Arundel Triathlon 2017


Pos.Participant Finish time
51Henry Parry2:07:48
52Rory Bryan2:07:49
53Ben Oman2:07:55
54Sandy Reid2:08:08
55Juan Marques2:08:10
56Quentin Baker2:08:10
57George Miller2:08:12
58Christopher Wallace2:08:13
59David Haywood2:08:32
60Simon Turk2:08:48
61Dominic Brooks2:08:50
62Team Tri Hards2:08:53
63Joshua Leak2:08:57
64Daron Perkins2:09:03
65Paul Corney2:09:17
66Becky Schofield2:09:29
67Rob James2:09:30
68Andrew Shirley2:09:37
69Tom Frith2:09:38
70Andrew Wheeler2:09:44
71Richard Baskerville2:09:49
72Michael Hartland2:09:50
73Matthew White2:09:50
74Piotr Meller2:09:58
75Stephen Wigmore2:10:00
76Martin Nichols2:10:02
77Craig Harper2:10:14
78Peter Madarasz2:10:20
79Oliver Holman2:10:27
80Alexie Calvert-Ansari2:10:28
81Craig Flannery2:10:33
82Katrina Rye2:10:45
83Adrian Carr2:10:48
84Hannah Ewens2:10:48
85Martin Cook2:10:53
86Alexander Whisker2:11:04
87Emma Dixon2:11:13
88Mark Sykes2:11:19
89Monty Gershon2:11:34
90Dominic Lewis2:11:36
91Matthew Brearley2:11:39
92Keith Mahon2:11:47
93Simon Lewis2:11:51
94Mireille Cook2:11:51
95Thomas Peirson-Smith2:11:51
96Gary Spencer2:11:58
97Edward Neaves2:12:04
98Barry Maskell2:12:09
99Paul Seymour2:12:10
100Victoria Baker2:12:11

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