Arundel Triathlon 2017


Pos.Participant Finish time
101Benjamin Short2:12:15
102George Middleton2:12:19
103Mark Blake2:12:24
104Jeanne Du Preez2:12:33
105Matthew Lambden2:12:33
106Michael Kipling2:12:35
107Peter Cottington2:12:39
108Mike Fry2:12:41
109Martin Gibson2:12:56
110Kate Mactear2:13:00
111Adam Mcculloch2:13:10
112Peter Lee2:13:13
113Tim Gray2:13:15
114Paul Suett2:13:17
115Paul Harnett2:13:18
116Dominic Townsend2:13:24
117Jessica Earp2:13:27
118Richard Ferre2:13:29
119Jay Jennings2:13:32
120Mike Cooper2:13:42
121Arnaud Anger2:13:49
122Camilla King Milly2:13:49
123John Kennelly2:13:50
124Richard Johnson2:14:06
125Team Cwtc Flyers2:14:07
126Damian Crawford2:14:14
127Richard Schofield2:14:14
128Paul O'keefe2:14:17
129Michael Roper2:14:17
130Tim Clements2:14:28
131Charlotte Bowsher2:14:29
132Steven Diffey2:14:41
133Steven Leonard2:14:43
134Malcolm Hughes2:15:03
135Brian Gilvary2:15:04
136Francis Fox2:15:09
137Stephen Hasler2:15:10
138Peter Thomas2:15:16
139Nick Brough2:15:25
140Aly Hadfield2:15:30
141Alan Lightfoot2:15:41
142Stuart Wilson2:15:47
143John Tindell2:15:49
144Rebecca Goodwin2:15:51
145Team Brown Helliwell2:15:57
146Sharkie Jaggard2:16:04
147Rahul Batra2:16:04
148Anita Howe2:16:05
149Joanna Wright2:16:24
150Iain Martin2:16:25

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