Pos.Finish time Participant Club
1013:41:12Shaun Crowson
1023:41:12Ian Gourlay
1033:41:18Tom Stayte
1043:41:20Justin Ede
1053:41:58Lynne Maughan
1063:42:40Szymon Hamer
1073:43:43Tim Wade
1083:44:13Marcus Bourne
1093:44:22Duane Daugherty
1103:44:32Alan Thompson
1113:45:19David White
1123:45:24Harry Garb
1133:46:02Peter Taylor
1143:46:33Carl Wiezak
1153:46:48Janine Lee
1163:46:51Jon Watkins
1173:46:56Billy Hayes
1183:47:08Kate Browning
1193:47:19Hing Hung
1203:47:20Roderick Cantrill
1213:47:31Angela Mcwilliam
1223:47:42Josh Hough
1233:48:06Neil Button
1243:48:08Jim Smith
1253:49:14Andrew Buckle
1263:49:23Rebecca Dunsdon
1273:49:23Ben Eckersley
1283:49:32Helen James
1293:49:36Phil Jarvis
1303:49:41Mehul Vaitha
1313:49:51Bidesh Sarkar
1323:50:11Danny Richards
1333:50:56Ian Wilkins
1343:51:11Tim Cole
1353:51:17Lucy Hodkinson
1363:51:18Helen Mercer
1373:51:19Jon Evans
1383:51:50Rebecca Parry
1393:52:14Matthew Laws
1403:52:25Paul Samat
1413:52:57Robert Shand
1423:53:19Lisa Fisher Bonner
1433:53:20Gareth Roberts
1443:53:24Mamun Khan
1453:53:37Mark Mccarthy
1463:54:09William Spurway
1473:54:37Edward Middleton
1483:54:54Cheryl Rock
1493:55:02Matthew Silk
1503:55:06Donna Arnold

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