Pos.Finish time Participant Club/Company
115:00Scott BettieMorpeth Harriers & Ac
215:09James DunceTyne Bridge Harriers
315:35Ross FloydMorpeth Harriers & Ac
515:45Tom CharltonTyne Bridge Harriers
615:58Scott EllisNorth Shields Polytechnic Club
716:03Sean HallGateshead Harriers & Ac
816:05Graeme CookNorth Shields Polytechnic Club
916:12Elliot KellyMorpeth Harriers & Ac
1016:15Stacey Smith
1116:16Sam CharltonWallsend Harriers & Ac
1216:37Mark BanksHEATON HARRIER & AC
1316:41Michael DawsonNorth Shields Polytechnic Club
1416:49Seb AnthonyWest Suffolk AC
1617:00Simon LyonWallsend Harriers & Ac
1717:11Danielle HodgkinsonWallsend Harriers & Ac
1817:13Tom SurshamNorth Shields Polytechnic Club
1917:15Steve EverettDurham City Harriers & Ac
2017:18Charlotte PenfoldNorth Shields Polytechnic Club
2117:19Stephen BarkerBirtley AC, (x) Tyne Bridge Har.
2217:39Robert MorrisMorpeth Harriers & AC, (x) Derw.
2317:40Rob HancoxMorpeth Harriers & AC
2417:41Kevin WilsonWallsend Harriers & Ac
2517:46Thomas InnesMorpeth Harriers & Ac
2617:47Michael Taggart
2717:47Daniel WeatherillWallsend Harriers & Ac
2817:50Paul MerrisonSunderland Harriers & Ac
2917:54Olly AirdWallsend Harriers & Ac
3017:55Joe CollinsWallsend Harriers & Ac
3117:56Georgia CampbellJarrow & Hebburn Ac
3218:01Brian HetheringtonWallsend Harriers & Ac
3318:04Alan HodgsonSunderland Harriers & Ac
3418:06Steph PattinsonJarrow & Hebburn AC
3518:07Paul CollinsSunderland Harriers
3618:07Tom CrossleyTyne Bridge Harriers, (x) UKnet.
3718:09Steven GordonSunderland Harriers
3818:10John SturmanHeaton Harriers & AC, (x) Walls.
3918:11Graham SpowartCrook & Dist Sports Ac
4018:12Lawrence JohnsonLow Fell RC
4118:19Rory McconnachyNorth Shields Polytechnic Club
4218:23Alexandra SneddonJarrow & Hebburn Ac
4318:30David DistonWallsend Harriers & AC
4418:31Dominic HarrisAlnwick Harriers
4518:32David Antill
4618:34David ApplebyTyne Bridge Harriers, (x) Elswi.
4718:36Craig DownsCrook & Dist Sports AC
4818:37Darren StokerSunderland Harriers & AC
4918:38Jonathan JohnsonTyne Bridge Harriers
5018:38Simon KristiansenTyne Bridge Harriers

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