Tour of Milton Keynes 2017


Pos.Finish time Participant
5145:43Abi Gooch
5245:44Brian Barlow
5345:47Neal Turney
5445:50Ella Townsend
5545:56Russell Jones
5645:57Chris Nicholson
5746:02Rudi Chaplin
5846:18John Baker
5946:20Simon Navin
6046:58Darren Murphy
6147:33Kevin Church
6247:49Melanie Jayne
6347:58Amy Inchley
6448:02Maria Calleia
6548:51Julie Martin
6648:58Neil Whitwell
6749:02Chris Jeanes
6849:05Andy Collins
6949:12Jack Frankland
7049:23David Findel-Hawkins
7149:35Lauren Hankers
7249:40Mark Armstrong
7349:41Debra Brent
7449:45Kevin Ferris
7549:48Mervyn Phillips
7650:11Paul Bryan
7750:16Siobhan Dyer
7850:20Jo Garner
7950:21Vivien Black
8050:40Lilli Stickley
8150:49Linda Lytollis
8250:49Lauren Keeler
8350:51Adam Sharman
8451:01Monique Sutherland
8551:14Victoria Kirschner-Heavens
8651:16Josh Butten
8751:16James Hankers
8851:17Martyn Barnes
8951:20Dawn Blaber
9051:23Kevin Taylor
9151:23Victoria Berry
9251:44Martin Lawrence
9352:04Julian Lane
9452:50Suzanne Anderegg
9552:53Kevin Dunkley
9653:00Kelly Hopkinson
9753:09Nicky Ford
9853:26Jenny Moorhouse
9953:27Ala Carter
10053:28Jady Jones

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