Surrey Bacchus Marathon & Half 2017


Pos.Finish time Participant
12:54:57Alistair Watson
23:07:27Tom Bardwell
33:07:27Mark Mellor
43:15:36Jack Lancefield
53:17:59Penny Brook
63:22:32Doug Mccorkindale
73:22:38Alex Eggs
83:24:15Jason Best
93:28:45Keith Luxon
103:29:17Chris Peskett
113:30:25Chris Green
123:39:11Michael Dowds
133:40:35Michael Bradford
143:40:36Steve Duffy
153:43:14Simon Meads
163:44:26John Melbourne
173:44:26Simon Booth
183:48:26Rob Mills
193:51:37Tara Taylor
203:52:06Remko Boer
213:53:54Liam Whelan
223:53:59Ben Exell
233:54:21Andrew Mcgovern
244:01:27Tom Story
254:02:07Martin Whitten
264:02:12Fabien Gathercole
274:04:54Robert Cameron-Wood
284:06:52Richard Fullbrook
294:07:26Andy Cooksey
304:08:28Colin Woods
314:11:36Rebecca Bryant
324:11:49Rachael Eddershaw
334:11:49Ben Graham-Evans
344:12:53Tom Bech Letessier
354:12:58Alison Jones
364:13:19Bertrand Marti
374:13:19Dave Groves
384:13:20Paul Gunner
394:13:54Carol Clark
404:15:08Trevor Mikelas
414:17:32Richard Moorhouse
424:17:32Danny Harding
434:18:38Angus Abraham
444:18:38Alistair Foley
454:19:01Jason Thompson
464:19:29Daniel Larcombe-Young
474:19:45Paul Weston
484:20:19Eliorah Goodman
494:20:22Mike Rowell
504:20:51Robert James Gattoni

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