Pos.Chip time Participant
1014:38:04Moovelous Moos!
1024:38:40Beauties and the Beast
1034:40:58Silson Girls
1044:41:27Rainbow Girls
1054:45:55Woottons Scrambled Legs
1064:49:30Fantastic Four Too
1074:51:10Team Schueco
1084:51:11The Schueco vier
1094:53:28RLAG Blue Lightning
1104:53:43Run Like a Girl - The Vienetta Crew
1114:55:22Where's My Inhaler
1125:01:42Lakeside Lovelies
1135:02:3450 Shades of Red
1145:05:05Cheeky Girls
1155:11:43This Ain't Easy... But We Are !
1165:11:56Bling Whores
1175:13:44Eco Design Consultants
1185:19:14RR On the March Again
1195:25:22Wii Not Fit
1205:33:36Fried Legs
1216:19:43Nic's Crew One
1226:19:44Nic's Crew Two
1236:25:11Are we there yet?
DNF-David Lock A Team

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