Pos.Chip time Participant
11:31:51Alex Young
21:33:33Adrien Prigent
31:34:35Andy Wren
41:36:04Simon Freeman
51:36:45Matthew Hardcastle
61:36:59Chris Walker
71:39:00Tony Rugless
81:39:38Danny Bent
91:41:38Gary Hering
101:41:56Sam Pinder
111:41:58Marcus Holloway
121:42:03Vince Blake
131:42:25Matthew Prudence
141:42:35Nicholas Leahy
151:42:41Gavin Fisher
161:43:56Stephen Paterson
171:44:08Mark Wakeling
181:44:14Matt Wooden
191:44:28Chris Pudney
201:44:28Darren Staley
211:45:12Adam Quarmby
221:45:12Paul Brett
231:45:55Wayne Caldecourt
241:46:01Neil Robinson
251:46:13Thomas Bailey
261:46:34Gemma Carter
271:47:13Stuart Bosley
281:47:47Joseph Gunn
291:49:03Dominic Wellham
301:49:40Mary Grace Spalton
311:50:13Nick Harris
321:50:15Andrew Bell
331:50:17Craig Wreglesworth
341:50:50Adrien Peillon
351:50:57William Graham
361:51:34Roderick Powolny
371:51:41Michael Pegram
381:52:08Anna Skelton
391:52:12Astrid Southam
401:52:22Robin Arkell
411:54:02Andrew Plaistowe
421:54:17Michael Burns
431:54:23Nathan Cagna
441:54:27Todd Coleman
451:54:33Clement Artois
461:54:57Carl Greenwood
471:55:38Thomas Diaper
481:55:38Alexander Pickard
491:55:46George Swiatek
501:55:46Robert Winfield

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: info@maverick-race.com