Pos.Finish time Participant
7012:45:44Mark Melaniphy
7022:46:23Laura Gibbens
7032:49:15Beatrice Ziegler
7042:49:25Jessica Bellamy
7052:50:50Olivia Thornton
7062:50:51Issy Reading
7072:51:32Lucy Howell
7082:51:41Bridget Hicks
7092:51:41Howard Ireland
7102:51:50Claire Gunther
7112:52:11Jarrett Gallagher
7122:52:29Michele Smith
7132:53:31Derek Norden
7142:53:34Anna Jenovari Brown
7152:53:52Alison Page
7162:54:48Zilla Howard
7172:55:19Hannah Bounford
7182:56:28David Walsh
7192:57:07Keri Johnson
7202:57:41Paul Homden
7212:58:28Carl Larkin
7222:58:28Maria Mackie
7232:58:59Holly Rosier
7242:59:00Steve Rosier
7252:59:30Jamie Sexton
7263:01:02Lucy Howard
7273:03:14Kersti Viccari
7283:04:22Jan Perry
7293:05:16Sally Salter
7303:06:34Debbie Pentland
7313:07:05Rhian Ireland
7323:10:13Richard Dickinson
7333:11:15Helen Wilkins
7343:11:34Debbie Cox
7353:15:17Mary-Jane Newman
7363:18:07Sara Quinn
7373:18:11Elizabeth Bedwin
7383:18:13Donald Nell
7393:18:31Charlotte Bixall
7403:18:31Clare Boxall
7413:19:33Gillian Hill
7423:19:35Estibaliz Buesa
7433:19:40Judith Henderson
7443:19:41Sarah Macdermott
7453:22:02Anna Kowal
7463:22:08Joanna Wroblewska
7473:22:08Jodie Swaine
7483:24:47Jacquie Wines
7493:25:55Susan Parker
7503:27:25Pauline Jones

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