Pos.Finish time Participant
3011:57:26Liam Swan
3021:57:26David Swan
3031:57:32Lyn Brymer
3041:57:36Paul Comper
3051:57:43Paul Gibbs
3061:57:45Stephen Houghton
3071:57:54Brian Nixon
3081:57:56James Savage
3091:58:04Dee Hare
3101:58:04Dominik Short
3111:58:09Stuart Pinder
3121:58:25Katja Lowe
3131:58:26Nicki Bulger
3141:58:41Simon Vicary
3151:58:50Emma Brady
3161:58:50John Cowlin
3171:58:52Kate Collard
3181:58:52Gary Bungay
3191:58:53Lorraine Treadwell
3201:59:01Andrew Grafham
3211:59:02Barry Trott
3221:59:02Kathy Boltwood
3231:59:02Dan Dempsey
3241:59:05Alison Napier
3251:59:09Jana Spill
3261:59:19Sophie Edwards
3271:59:19Svetlana Piskunova
3281:59:23Luke Smith
3291:59:25Sophie Robin
3301:59:26James Jenkins
3311:59:28Ella Waddingham
3321:59:33Andy Frampton
3331:59:36Stéphanie Florentz
3341:59:36Zoe Donnely
3351:59:37Helen Whiting
3361:59:44Michael Jenkinson
3371:59:53Cailin Birch
3381:59:54Colin Moore
3391:59:55Kate Boswell
3402:00:07Hugh Fancourt
3412:00:28Glenn Parisi
3422:00:37Victoria Balandis
3432:00:41Simon Federer
3442:00:42Kevin Williams
3452:00:47Charlotte Gardner
3462:00:50Richard Cruse
3472:00:52Dan Magrill
3482:00:58Jo Stamp
3492:01:00Ian Pearce
3502:01:00Joe Symonds

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