Pos.Finish time Participant
11:19:47Team Conrad'S Lads
21:27:11Team 3 Men And A Hill
31:44:09Team Promenade Plodders
41:44:21Team Two 'Ifs' And A 'maybe'
51:51:03Team University Challenged
61:52:09Team Scrambled Legs
71:56:59Team Spongebob Slowpants
81:58:06Team Power Up The Trundle
92:01:44Team The Aldwick Terminators
102:02:46Team Tmp
112:08:28Team Presseco Girls
122:08:41Team Duracell Bunnies
132:12:13Team The Prebendal School Runners
142:16:12Team Equally Mad Girlies
152:19:27Team George Ide 1
162:19:27Team George Ide 3
172:19:27Team George Ide 2
182:20:55Team Chi Chicks
192:30:18Team I Thought They Said Rum!
202:40:04Team The Reservoir Jogs

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