Man V Horse 2017


Pos.Finish time Participant
6015:26:17Team The Three Decades
6025:26:41Team Pwllcoch Ponies
6035:27:04Sara Wakefield
6045:27:38Steve Rodriguez
6055:27:46Mike Catling
6065:28:06Karen Ashcroft
6075:28:08Rebecca Gardiner
6085:28:09Sam Nicholson
6095:28:24Steve Bishop
6105:28:26Tim Cooke
6115:28:27Julian Bashir
6125:28:31Claire Spencer
6135:28:31Helen Woodburn
6145:29:17Zoe Proctor
6155:29:45Steve Slawson
6165:29:47Michael Marks
6175:29:47Jo Edwards
6185:29:48Stefanie Francis
6195:29:52Catherine Roberts
6205:30:23Team Collingwooders
6215:31:24Cecilia Harman
6225:31:24Catherine Ealey-Fitzgerald
6235:31:51Team Caci Re And The Robbies
6245:31:51Team Claire And The Robbie Riders
6255:32:19Richard Browning
6265:32:39Maria Hedge
6275:33:01Tom Forshaw
6285:33:12Anna Bellamy
6295:34:17Victoria Austin
6305:34:17Daniel Austin
6315:34:30Ian Brown
6325:34:31Catherine Mason
6335:34:31Martin Thomas
6345:36:25Nina Bradburn
6355:36:30Team The Technophobes
6365:36:31Catherine Etchell
6375:36:52Charlotte Ball
6385:37:42Teresa Roberts
6395:38:39Joe King
6405:39:23James Ewen
6415:39:30Menai Baugh
6425:40:09Nadine Donovan
6435:40:27Barry Duffy
6445:40:48Joanne Lord
6455:41:23Eira Edwards
6465:41:31Team Bristol Baes
6475:41:31Virginia Brown
6485:41:31Debbie Mcdermott
6495:42:37Jenni Paxton
6505:42:41Zoe Elver

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