Little Lumpy Sportive 2018


8:19:45Jack Castle
8:14:03Luke Chappell
8:12:53Karl Charvat
7:34:08Rupert Chase
6:33:53Mark Chinnock
7:56:12Andrew Clayden
-Philip Clifford-Brown
4:41:49Alison Coates
6:46:16Jeremy Collinson
8:00:38Richard Collyer
8:54:06Alan Colquhoun
7:21:27Tony Connolly
4:50:03John Cooke
7:35:58Guy Cookes
7:28:26Martin Corless
6:17:18Thomas Cornwell
7:08:26Rob Cowley
6:56:58Adam Croutear
7:18:07Chris Cuffe
7:42:28Simon Dalkin
7:27:32Sam Davies
8:22:41Nigel Dawson
7:47:24Lee Day
9:10:26Kevin Denson
7:18:40Chris Detsicas
8:19:13Stephen Dick
6:03:03James Donovan
7:16:13Stephen Donovan
8:06:49Sam Downing
7:07:25Tom Dracott
6:31:50Andrew Durham
8:28:14Chris Eaton
8:53:36Anthony Egan
8:28:17Frank Eisenhower
7:02:34Simon Elmes
-Ian Elsey
7:29:53Anton Eskov
6:42:18Bryan Evans
7:46:29Russell Evans
5:30:49William Evison
6:57:33Paul Farquhar-Smith
8:51:07Winnie Farquharson
-Sharon Faulkner
7:41:09Allyson Fenlon
9:07:24Mark Ferris
8:19:26Ben Fitton
7:59:36Terry Fletcher
7:52:35Madeleine Foster
7:55:13Malcolm Francis
6:39:17Alan Fretten

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