Tough 10 North East 2017


Pos.Finish time Participant
511:02:40Gaynor Sunderland
521:02:43Jim Gill
531:02:46Hazel Reader
541:02:49Martin Gough
551:02:55Heather Moore
561:03:16Andrew Curran
571:03:56Ralph Parlour
581:04:46Laura Grainger
591:05:05Suzanne Kyle
601:05:07Louise Nealings
611:05:15Peter Mcmenamin
621:05:19Judith Landells
631:06:25Susannah Turner
641:06:28Francis Graham
651:07:03Martin Herdman
661:07:27Steven Hewitt
671:08:20Graham Daley
681:08:25Gordon Compson
691:08:28Liam Foster
701:09:25Lauren Smith
711:09:33Emma Seymour
721:10:07Jane Curry
731:10:08Anne Stephenson
741:10:13Lucie Brett
751:10:15Simon Turner
761:10:15Jo Kyles
771:10:16Andrew Knox
781:13:01Phil Dean
791:13:06Jackie Johnson
801:13:10Lee Garfoot
811:13:23Sally Burton
821:13:23Michael Burton
831:13:41Helen Parton
841:13:52Victoria Steinson
851:13:57Johny Cummins
861:13:59Corrine Dockwray
871:14:16Jane Millward
881:14:19James Holloway
891:14:46Emma Ford
901:15:35Kev Fraser
911:15:55Lisa Gilbert
921:16:48Louise Passmore
931:16:48Robert Passmore
941:17:34Julie Whinn
951:17:34Emma Joyeux
961:18:51Carol Holgate
971:20:48Alexandra Clifton
981:21:33Holly Marshall
991:21:33Jessica O'conner
1001:21:53Michael Ritson

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