Wolverton 5 Mile Road Race 2017


Pos.Finish time Participant
5129:35Luke Montgomery
5229:37Steve Hall
5329:41Kyle Chesterman
5429:42Rosanna Andrews
5529:50Charlene Jacobs-Conradie
5630:09Tim Inchley
5730:12Roger Seep
5830:12Andy Green
5930:15James Down
6030:20Chris Finister
6130:29Simon Neale
6230:33Andrew Wasdell
6330:45Paul Allen
6430:47James Darcy
6530:59Andy Gardner
6631:04Scott Magee
6731:12James Cusack
6831:18Steve Withers
6931:20Sean Collum
7031:22Peter Thompson
7131:28Arron Mckoy
7231:28Nicki Nealon
7331:30Adrian Maidment
7431:33Dennis Martin
7531:35John Chapman
7631:37Simon Kirschner-Heavens
7731:39Christine Lathwell
7831:43Dan Gosling
7931:48Phillip Hamlyn
8031:56Ian Van Lokven
8132:08John Loxley
8232:12Andy Sealey
8332:18Linsey Ryall
8432:32Wendy Webber
8532:33Paul Gooding
8632:35Wendy Clark
8732:43Matthew Kirtley
8832:52Nick Pacey
8932:54Richard Gale
9032:58Paul Wilkerson
9133:00Ruth Jones
9233:10Oliver Jones
9333:11William Shippin
9433:12Shaun Ledington
9533:14Richard Wild
9633:17Steven Jones
9733:19Richard Doherty
9833:21Colin Taylor
9933:21Mark Athinson
10033:21Matt Clements

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