Wolverton 5 Mile Road Race 2017


Pos.Finish time Participant
10133:22Richard Stanley
10233:22Katie Tucker
10333:33Robert Thompson
10433:36John Lawlor
10533:36Jeff Woods
10633:36Ken Munro
10733:43Kevin Brown
10833:57Barry Warne
10934:01Alfie Blaber
11034:06Steve Thomson
11134:09Ella Townsend
11234:18John Manning
11334:25Alan Hawkes
11434:28Sarah King
11534:32Jake Evans
11634:33Richard Quennell
11734:40Sam Daniells
11834:53Ash Voralia
11934:56Daniel Mann
12035:01James Simons
12135:08Maurice Hemingway
12235:09Alan Roberts
12335:12Jane Simons
12435:13Les Turton
12535:16Alex Knowles
12635:22Diane Baldwin
12735:25Duncan Gordon
12835:30Bruce Grimley
12935:32Jan Mcmulkin
13035:47Joshua Noblett
13135:50Steve Hope
13235:57Julie Loxley
13336:04David Henry
13436:07Andrew Rawlins
13536:19Adrian Billingtin
13636:23Alan Raines
13736:25Gerald Meah
13836:25Stewart Fraser
13936:33Chris Utley
14036:37Tim Miles
14136:39Sarah Mcgarry
14236:43David Horrell
14336:44Siobhan Dyer
14436:47Katie Pagett
14536:57Yuko Gordon
14637:01Debbie Morris
14737:06David Newens
14837:07Lee Radley
14937:09David Findel-Hawkins
15037:12Maurice O'Connel

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