Angmering Bluebell Run 10km/10mile 2018


Pos.Finish time Participant
5151:51Gordon Skeats
5252:05Matthew Staniforth
5352:21Nicole Crowe
5452:23Scott Harris
5552:33Jamie Darling
5652:38Martin Catling
5652:38Andy Collard
5852:42greg saunders saunders
5952:47Chris Purdie
6053:01James Ridpath
6153:03Elizabeth Pearce
6253:15Paul Howie
6353:18Gemma Shadbolt
6453:40Ruth Purbrook
6553:56John Little
6654:00Sara McDonagh
6754:01Paul Hurley
6854:19Clare Milsom
6854:19Paul Towse
7054:49Thibaut PossompÞs
7155:01Stefanie Bruemmer-Smith
7255:04Jewel O’Connell
7355:07Charlotte Sparkes
7455:09Lucy Kircher
7555:45Mark Neal
7655:48Terry Avey
7755:51Mark Stimpson
7856:09Darren Dalton
7956:21Tracey Harvey
8056:33Claire Pritchard
8156:55Penny Barron
8257:04David Ramsay
8357:11Laura Vowles
8457:14Stephen O’Rourke
8557:25Jemma Morris
8657:27Kim Davies
8757:28Michaela Duncan
8857:32Andrew Cooper
8957:34Kirsty Taylor
9057:36Nicola McGeown
9157:39Antony Milsom
9257:42Paul Cooper
9357:45Matthew Farrow
9458:09Graham Hill
9558:24Jo Jones
9658:34Clare Mckoen
9758:52Anna Carey
9858:57Luke Ede
9959:00Mandy Eastaugh
10059:07Emily Marsden

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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