The City v Wharf Team 10k Run Challenge 2018


Pos.Finish time Participant
235:41JP Morgan Running Club 1
336:13Skippy and the Bush Kangaroos
436:31Barclays-Mark B
536:47Ravens Running Club 5
637:06Achilles Heals
737:20Dumb and Dumber
837:39Kpmg 10
938:57The Thrashers (Ravens)
1039:19Grc Electrical
1239:49Scrambled legs
1339:49Quads of Fury
1439:53Team 104 RMS
1540:13Team 1 UBS
1640:33Team Bob
1740:40Kpmg 7
1841:19I Love Beer
1941:24JPM Trailblazers
2041:34Mark and Alex
2141:54Sales Trader Workflow
2242:28JP Morgan Running Club 5
2342:28Ravens Running Club 4
2442:56Your Pace Or Mine?
2543:01Dixon Wilson Men
2643:19Dixon Wilson Mixed 1
2743:48Kpmg 2
2843:59Cat 4
2944:02Buzzacott C
3144:26Kpmg 1
3344:32Girls on the Run
3444:41Amida's Finest
3544:46Igh 1
3644:47Faster than Mark
3744:59Legendary Lions
3845:19Ravens Running Club 2
3945:25Barclays-James Meade
4045:35Team Fregory
4145:40The Enterprise Tools
4246:27Kpmg 9
4346:31Ravens Running Club 1
4446:40Igh 6
4546:51Robin Hood
4647:22Six-Group 1
4747:38Six-Group 12
4847:51Ravens Running Club 3
4947:53Haberman Ilett
5047:57B2B Lightning Bolts

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