Cambridge Half Marathon 2018


Pos.Chip time Participant
70013:07:24Christine Kingwell
70023:07:24David Neeve
70033:07:57Siobhan Holmes
70043:08:20Antonia Santos
70053:09:10Dorothee Panggabean
70063:09:24Alex Meecham
70073:09:25Inez Hassan
70083:09:36Antonia Vetter
70093:09:42Claire Frearson
70103:09:42Katie Turnbull
70113:11:02Lee Fisher
70123:11:03Kelly Fisher
70133:11:43Laura Davis
70143:11:57Nora Roberts
70153:12:21Stormi Campbell
70163:12:25Issy Wilson
70173:12:25James Henderson
70183:12:33Yuen Ng
70193:12:48Estelle Ashdjian
70203:14:36Elizabeth Putterill
70213:15:45Holly Jones Dalton
70223:15:48Katt Gubb
70233:16:01Lisa Hough
70243:16:39Wendy Breakey
70253:16:40Jessica Breakey
70263:16:48Lucy Carmody
70273:19:21Catherine Reid
70283:21:47Trudy Willan
70293:22:24Haley Singler
70303:22:41Julie Francis
70313:23:50Laser Ford
70323:24:37Tracyjayne Mortlock
70333:26:15Krishan Patel
70343:26:24Vicky Aldred
70353:28:16Yamily Benigni
70363:28:47Anne Miller
70373:28:53Jesstinna Sherhod
70383:29:52Joy Darnell
70393:30:02Jody Hodder
70403:34:15Becky Thornton
70413:37:11Bethan Morgan
70423:46:22Rayan Aburowais
--Jack Green
--Lily Wolfson
--Simon Allcock
--Lee Hill
--Philip Curtis
--Andrew Mackay
--Oliver Phillips
--Edward Roberts Rayne

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