Pos.Chip time Participant
144:29Natalie Bunce
244:46Beckie Dawson
345:06Angela Mcwilliam
447:10Amy Casson
547:41Randip Hume
649:01Angela Tooley
749:02Barbara Fulton
850:59Mariana Jurado Salazar
951:02Helen Brown
1051:14Catherine Marygold
1152:06Tanya Holmes
1252:29Annie Arnold
1352:29Angela Andrews
1453:04Rachel Shambrook
1553:10Lucy Sharpe
1653:20Donna Bickley
1753:20Jenny Button
1853:44Rebecca Greenham
1954:01Kelly Barnes
2054:13Sarah Lee
2154:13Madison Daley
2254:32Abigayle Burton
2355:13Charlotte Sortwell
2455:38Denise Hall
2556:12Michelle Booth
2656:17Rachel House
2756:37B Barnes
2857:20Narinderjit Bhatoa-Granville
2957:34Samantha Shipley
3057:47Heather Barber
3158:08Alpa Day
3258:19Clair Piper
3358:39Sarah Gibson
3458:43Jude Modern
3558:44Lainey Coyle
3658:47Lisa Ward
3758:48Laura Rooney
3858:48Kim Swift
3959:00Sarah North
4059:02Terri Copeland
4159:16Katherine Taylor
4259:31Karen Smith
4359:38Emma Spence
4459:38Martine Roebuck
4559:58Nadia Duarte
461:00:07Emma Warburton
471:00:11Kathryn Bryan
481:00:17Sarah Starbuck
491:00:25Carolyn Lamb
501:00:35Karen Mcmullan

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