The Blaydon Race 2018

Here is shown the latest 20 live times from the finish line. Updates in 15 seconds.

Time Participant
1:30:39Christine Wright
1:29:13Louise Trainer
1:28:32Jacqui Mcdermot
1:27:02William J Thompson
1:23:54Daniel Lishman
1:23:11Susan Goss
1:22:22Sarah Stokes
1:24:02Julie Taggart
1:21:35Maria Figuera
1:21:30Mercedes Sicilia
1:21:29Mar Luz Martinez
1:21:11Ian Hudson
1:19:30Martine Horner
1:17:14Hannah Tait
1:19:12Connor Carr
1:17:36Annie Burdon
1:16:55Sally Raine
1:17:02Elaine Jennings
1:17:40Linda Bell
1:20:27Liza Smith