The Maverick inov-8 Original Dorset 2018


Pos.Chip time Participant
511:45:44Pierre Papet
521:45:44Judith Berger
531:46:31Charlotte Thomas
541:46:34Rob Hampton
551:48:31Claire Clark
561:48:51Antony Bird
571:48:53Geoff Symons
581:49:06Joanna Mair
591:49:11Haydn Barnett
601:49:17Nichola Carr
611:49:24Tasha Morey
621:49:26Candice Lingam-Willgoss
631:49:31Penny Smith
641:49:31Debbie Caldwell
651:49:35Rich Aston
661:49:36David Patrick
671:49:47Clare Stainer
681:50:02Gail Tipper
691:50:02Colin Cross
701:50:37Philip Ackroyd
711:50:52Beth Derham
721:50:58Victoria Ackerman
731:51:08Charles Fisher
741:51:23Dicken Richards
751:51:24James Dalton
761:51:40Milda Manomaityte
771:53:31Ian Henry
781:53:55Jennifer Hall
791:54:12Tamsyn Kenyon
801:54:29Marie Macwilliam
811:54:32Cath Cameron-jones
821:54:53Meg Farrington
831:54:57Aaron Young
841:56:22Mark Tolley
851:56:34Pete Taylor
861:57:16Suzy Robinson
871:57:17Bella Lowis
881:57:18Sarah Smith
891:57:29Caroline Creed
901:57:48Ruth Camps
911:57:57Cat Mittins
922:00:25Lisa Sainsbury
932:00:25Andrea Marshall
942:00:37Stephen Phelps
952:01:00Bella OConnell
962:01:20Virginia Parkes
972:01:48Claire Weustenraed
982:01:56Ian Capps
992:01:58Denise Nicholls
1002:02:08Rebecca Bishop

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