Blake's Heaven Fell Race 2018

Pos.Chip time Participant
5149:35Chris Curtis
5249:42Andy Ross
5349:49Howard Leslie
5449:53Victoria Wight
5550:01Colin Valentine
5650:26Paul Jennings
5750:28Jim Paxman
5850:32David Parke
5950:34Natalie Hawkrigg
6050:35Dominic Arnold
6150:37John Revill
6250:41Chris Turner
6350:45Tom Majchrowski
6450:47Neil Richardson
6551:08Jess Lawrence
6651:21Clare Jefferys
6751:37Paul Cullen
6851:38Bruce Hardy
6951:47Mike Allison
7052:02Debbie Walker
7152:10Trevor Symonds
7252:18Mark Stroy
7352:22Stuart Backhouse
7452:27Pete Hall
7553:01Kate Beaty
7654:14Craig Wilkinson
7754:18Kerry Cornforth
7854:21Helen Horne
7954:22Richard Lebon
8054:33Stephen Atherton
8155:26Anita Barker
8256:41Graham Watson
8356:46Robert Paterson
8456:47Ian Grimshaw
8556:52Linsay Buck
8656:56Ann Cummings
8756:59Nicholas Downes
8857:03Willy Kitchen
8957:16Amanda Graham
9057:33Dale Forster
911:01:07Jean Shotter
921:03:05Simon Veitch
931:03:39Anna Blackburn
941:05:11Andrew Martindale
951:05:29John Bacon
961:05:40Kenny Forster
971:05:44Paul Dobson
981:06:06Lynne Thomas
991:06:07John Horne
1001:06:09Andy Cross

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