Aberfeldy Sprint & Middle Distance 2018


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Pos.Participant Finish time
1Fraser Cartmell4:19:35
2Douglas Roberts4:29:12
3Team 'Are we there yet?'4:30:37
4Jack Peasgood4:32:11
5Robert Harrison4:33:17
6Finlay Mcandrew4:39:30
7Andrew Scott4:40:37
8Stuart Paterson4:42:12
9Dave Holmes4:42:39
10Ian Russell4:43:28
11Team 'Stirling Tri Club 4'4:47:25
12Richard Hargrave4:48:02
13Mathew Rech4:50:05
14Martin Goodlad4:50:33
15James Adamson4:53:33
16James Mclaughlin4:53:44
17Steve Sharpe4:54:21
18Andrew Bostock4:56:16
19Team 'Only here for the Beer'4:56:27
20Andrew Brierley4:56:56
21Team 'g72 Boys'4:57:45
22John Redding4:57:50
23Hascoã«t Cyrille4:58:03
24Team 'Beat The Boss'4:59:03
25Ronan Anderson4:59:24
26Dominic Sharkey5:00:53
27Dave Smith5:01:10
28Michal Sroka5:02:11
29John Young5:02:12
30Keith Maclure5:02:21
31Paul Chowdhry5:03:29
32Scott Mcdermott5:03:31
33Lionel Dupuy5:04:28
34Stephen Crawford5:05:08
35David Akrigg5:05:43
36Matthew Macgregor5:06:20
37Barry Mccomish5:10:54
38Duncan Wood5:10:56
39Gerwyn Davies5:11:58
40Dave Holden5:13:36
41Colin Watterson5:13:44
42Alan Mackay5:14:09
43Team 'Stirling Tri Club 7'5:14:44
44Neal Herbert5:16:52
45Niall Mark5:17:18
46Ross Mitchell5:17:28
47Eliot Sedman5:18:39
48Gordon Devlin5:18:50
49James Allan5:19:11
50Jamie Robinson5:19:22

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