Pos.Participant Finish time
1Simon George47:00
2Andrew Tarry48:58
3Team Sygnature A(S) Team50:25
4Peter Goodfellow50:36
5William Kirk50:48
6Chris Cope51:18
7Tom Jackson51:41
8Adam Jackson51:52
9Philip Williams51:58
10Christopher Davis52:20
11Jon-Paul Hemmings52:27
12Neil Buckley52:47
13Martin Ball52:54
14Carl Egdell53:05
15Ben Anderson53:21
16Matthew Horsfield53:42
17Dale Brownlessá54:12
18Christopher Wood54:16
19Tony Alcock54:44
20Hannah Katy Peel55:04
21Darren Kelly55:06
22Nick Morgan-Hughes55:19
23Gareth Hughes55:19
24Jonathan Henderson55:20
25Zac Goodspeed55:24
26Craig Oliver55:25
27Richard Marshall55:30
28Alistair Rudd55:31
29Clint Sawyer55:42
30Jonathan Hirst55:43
31Team Team Bloom55:56
32Jonathan Bayliss55:57
33Neil Ruff56:04
34Ross Taylor56:04
35Christopher Tacká56:12
36Martyn Taylor56:13
37Beth Wilmot56:15
38Simon Sharp56:20
39Chloe Scotchbrook56:20
40Stuart Johnson56:23
41Amy Rockall56:24
42James Vandersluis56:24
43Adam Johnston56:29
44Paul Manington56:33
45Neil Smith56:34
46Kyle Campbell56:36
47Ben Marsters56:36
48Neil Sorrell56:40
49Stephen Chambers56:41
50Dave Asher56:42

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