Helmdon Hurler 2018


Pos.Finish time Participant
7636:42Mary Winks
224:06Matthew Chronicle
8337:11Matthew Letts
10540:05Maxine Sutton
10740:49Michael Magnay
927:32Michael Mulroy
12944:00Michelle Lewis
6635:32Mike Barker
5734:08Nadine Gray
8537:32Natalie Herbert
7436:21Natasha Berry
1929:27Nathan Isaacs
1628:31Neil Stone
13444:29Nikki Jenkins
1728:55Ollie Wilcox
10640:34Oscar Page
6034:40Paul Smart
7636:42Paul Underwood
11341:47Rebecca Salkeld
14753:27Rebecca Wheaver
8036:49Richard Wray
1428:13Robby Taylor
11642:38Robert Evetts
10039:39Robin Sturge
13244:19Rymell Jane
9839:07Sally Stephens
12043:22Sarah Bradford
7235:51Sebastian Goldsmith
2931:14Serge Daval
1528:27Shaun O'Gorman
4733:08Shay Harper
10139:49Sheona Smee
2230:08Simon Nicol
1127:40Skip Snelson
13344:20Sonia Howard
12343:24Stephen Berry
10239:53Stephen Boyce
4633:03Stephen Buck
5033:34Stephen Young
3932:00Stuart Coomber
12743:41Stuart Webb
6535:23Sue Hirst
5934:35Sue Torrance
4332:41Sue Walker
3531:36Tanya Cronin
2630:54Toby Heley
11542:30Toby Williams
10941:13Tony Allen
14958:22Tracey Knott
8237:10Vince Butler

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: helmdonhurler@gmail.com