Buttermere Sailbeck Fell Race 2018

Pos.Finish time Participant
11:36:03Calum Tinnion
21:36:27Ted Ferguson
31:37:28Tristan Windley
41:40:10Victoria Wilkinson
51:40:21Darren Kay
61:40:58Jim Davies
71:44:28Barry Wilkinson
81:44:55John Helme
91:45:27Graeme Brown
101:51:19Scott Keough
111:51:27Holly Pope
121:51:34Daniel Jones
131:51:39Tobias Bathelmas
141:51:45Paul Lambert
151:52:06Dave Warp
161:52:10Edmond Jackson
171:52:27Sharon Taylor
181:54:17Peter Davies
191:54:35Roger Sillito
201:56:42Jonathan Melia
211:57:17Philip Pearson
221:57:23Sam Green
231:58:02Katie Kaars Sijpestein
241:58:22David Wilson
251:59:59David Williams
262:00:40Craig Burrow
272:03:38Caleb Reid
282:03:42Tom Whittinton
292:03:46Nick Lancaster
302:04:10Craig Smith
312:04:15John Ealing
322:04:50Neil Sidaway
332:05:04Kevin Hagley
342:05:44Andrew Bradley
352:05:57Jack Holt
362:06:31Alistair Weymouth
372:08:45Dave Sykes
382:08:47Sally Fawcett
392:08:56Peter Charney
402:09:21Rob Pilling
412:09:25Keith Loan
422:09:35David McChesney
432:10:33John Duff
442:10:38Paul Jennings
452:11:04Zoe Webber
462:11:39Jim Francis
472:12:01Jack Holt
482:12:19Heather Marshall
492:12:39Andy Holden
502:14:06Marie Robson

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: mikerobinson1969@yahoo.co.uk