Chip time Participant
4:27:51Fred Abbatt
4:15:00Phil Ackroyd
4:03:20Greg Adam
3:18:40Dean Adams
3:44:08Richard Adshead
6:15:56Neil Aldworth
4:18:10Stephen Alecock
5:01:17Ben Anderson
5:01:19Gerry Anderson
4:47:09Peter Angood
5:03:39Heidi Atkins
5:49:55Barrie Atkinson
4:39:43Emily Baldwin
6:06:27Paul Banyard
5:14:51Graham Barlow
3:38:27Chris Barrett
4:33:23David Barrow
3:08:11Stuart Batten
3:57:36Tess Baxter
3:19:31William Beck
4:12:01Andrew Beeforth
6:06:23Kevin Beer
4:43:53Andrew Bell
5:01:47Bob Bell
4:21:18Kirsten Bennett
5:09:04John Beston
4:32:20Paul Beverley
4:32:23Stephen Beverley
5:15:42Elizabeth Bevins
4:40:32Julian Bevins
4:40:37Andy Bicknell
4:31:10Russell Blackburn
5:02:32Karen Blackley
3:24:19Ricky Blackmore
4:21:30Sally Blackmore
3:17:21Kevin Blades
5:12:04Martin Blenkin
3:44:43Martin Bluck
4:56:49John Boland
6:03:25Emma Bolton
4:40:49Becky Boocock
6:06:17James Bostock
3:58:38Neil Bower
3:20:03Benjamin Box
-Gary Braddock
3:34:24Fraser Bradford-Mcgill
5:09:05Ian Bradley
4:34:32Anthony Bradshaw
3:57:00Melvin Brady
5:30:23Kerry Braithwaite

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