Chip time Participant
4:18:33Fred Abbatt
5:08:48Craig Abbott
5:06:43Dave Adams
3:30:09Dean Adams
6:20:53Pete Adams
4:09:32Richard Adshead
5:43:14Simon Ainsworth
4:23:01Paul Airey
5:17:14Javier Alarcon
3:18:26Ricardo Alarcon
4:49:24David Alexander
5:50:31Daniel Allen
4:58:48Jim Allen
5:56:49John Allen
5:17:21Matthew Allen
4:01:36Peter Allen
5:13:02Scott Allen
5:08:22Keith Anderson
4:32:14Paul Anderson
4:08:30Wayne Andrews
4:45:36Matt Appleyard
4:45:24David Armstrong
6:17:05Deborah Armstrong
5:01:30Steve Arnott
3:39:07Chris Astbury
4:43:39Will Baddeley
4:48:53Peter Bagnall
6:32:24Catherine Bailey
6:32:37Peter Bailey
6:32:23David Bailey-Vella
4:41:08Mark Bales
5:02:31Ian Ball
6:13:57Mal Balmer
6:36:17Anne Bamber
6:36:20Howard Bamber
4:55:40Matthew Barker
4:25:36Graham Barlow
2:50:09Richard Barlow
3:27:30Rob Barr
4:20:46Tim Barry
6:08:33Graham Bartlett
4:34:06Robin Bartlett
3:05:27Stuart Batten
4:36:54Justin Beauchamp
5:04:03Charlie Beck
4:22:47William Beck
4:01:54John Beetham
4:21:57Alistair Bell
4:49:18Colin Bell
4:02:11Patrick Bell

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For result queries please e-mail:

01257 251217