Dawn on the Downs 2019


Pos.Finish time Participant
147:48Jon Barnes
249:47Dean Simmons
353:12Ivan Catterwell
453:55Malcolm Roweth
554:34Paul Martin
655:12Brittany Saville
755:26Peter Gilmartin
857:10Chris Riche-Webber
959:24Olly Tobin
101:01:19Andy Stent
111:03:03Tom Norrell
121:03:16Neil Mison
131:03:35Karen Dixon
141:03:52Steve Tinson
151:03:54Jenny Tinson
161:04:15Chris Ticehurst
171:05:25Nicola Morgan
181:05:47Lauren Swatton
191:06:08Dani Battersby
201:06:10Greg Head
211:06:55Nick Fenner
221:07:29Nigel Meager
231:08:14Andrea Stark
241:08:27Nicola McGeown
251:08:33Shelley Meyern
261:09:25Tracey Harvey
271:09:43Joe Barnett
281:10:18Peter Wallis
291:11:04Fionna Ford
301:11:06Naomi Clayson
311:11:44Amory Poulden
321:12:08Paul Taylor Searle
331:12:10Sophia Hunnisett
341:12:26Paul Towse
351:12:29Gemma Dhol
361:13:13Fiona Pearce
371:14:03Andy Mills
381:14:21Leah Simms
391:14:23Louise Burry
401:14:26Katie Butler
411:14:28Vicky Clover
421:14:43Alison Lyon
431:14:47Keith Bateup
441:14:51Maggie Wares
451:15:01Charlotte Turner
461:15:03Kerrie Blackmer
471:15:06Lisa Quarton
481:15:19Jane Layt
491:16:02Wendy Russell
501:16:34Vanessa Wells

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: info@rawrunning.co.uk