Chip timeParticipant
4:09:24Jonathan Clemson
5:31:42Lindsey Coane
4:51:40Louise Coid
4:10:32Adam Colla
5:26:02Gill Collen
3:58:12David Collier
4:50:32Gary Collis
4:44:08Cherry Collison
6:26:28Gary Collister
3:34:42Mark Colman
5:02:58Kevin Conroy
4:37:18James Cook
4:37:43Paul Cook
5:07:24Lee Cooper
6:41:39David Coppel
3:36:16Dick Cormack
4:02:26Christian Coulthard
4:13:53Mary Crackles
4:22:51Andrew Creese
5:06:12Paul Crook
6:38:06Terry Daley
6:39:40Vicki Daley
5:01:07Simon Dan
5:38:09Rose Danaher
4:32:48Jane Davies
3:49:33Dave Deakins
4:36:07Kirk Dean
5:07:20Violet Dean
5:53:19Wayne Dennis
4:16:26Joel Dickinson
4:19:49Paul Dickinson
3:43:11Brian Diggle
4:22:13Brad Dillon
5:53:34Darren Diplock
5:33:47Alison Dixon
3:41:00Dean Dixon
4:30:09Paul Dixon
4:53:41Stuart Dixon
5:02:17Heather Dodd
4:09:35John Dodd
4:44:27Tom Dolan
4:45:34David Downes
4:26:31Josh Dowson
5:11:38Nina Doyle
4:34:19Stephen Drake
4:03:11Kevin Dunbar
4:20:55Alister Dunlop
5:12:44Mary Dunlop
4:40:18Stephen Earle
3:53:07Mark Eccleston

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