Pos.Finish time Participant
14:10:43Chris Gilbert
24:10:43Oliver Jones
34:23:11Carla Haines
44:23:16Pip Riches
54:23:27Pete Waumsley
64:31:34Austin Smithies
74:35:10Stephen Risdon
84:44:04Sy Powell
94:44:34Helen Anthony
104:50:02Michael Pearson
114:50:55Ally Waldron
125:06:14Ryan Perring
135:09:29Andrew Macdonald
145:10:05Samuel White
155:10:40Jess Longworth
165:12:22Peter Franklin
175:18:24Jake Skate
185:18:50Jennifer Briant
195:18:55George Hall
205:23:58Nicholas Stone
215:24:36Pez Hargreaves
225:28:15Carl Champion
235:35:06Dean 'Diino' Hancock
245:36:45Sharon Daw
255:36:48Sarah Whittaker
265:36:51Martin French
275:36:55Harry Shapland
285:37:48Sarah Hill
295:37:52Maryl Steyn
305:37:56Claire Strong
315:37:59Philip Martin Aldis
325:38:48Ben Leach
335:38:54Jake Howard
345:39:51Romana Mendelova
355:39:54Robert Gunar
365:40:01Robert Cameron-Wood
375:40:10Phil Cornes
385:43:12Sarah Fitch
395:43:22Martin Penney
405:45:34Simon Barnes
415:47:21Benjamin Gallant
425:47:31David Hewitt
435:49:22Claire Mensing
445:49:26Katie Spencer
455:51:23Martin Pipet
465:52:52Sarah Clemence
475:52:54Debbie Bidmead
485:56:25Tony Rea
495:59:12Hollyday Holmes
505:59:15Lauren Radburn

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